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Slowly but surely as the market begins its early saturation period of Epic cameras hitting the streets we can begin to see some of the many products that will be available to support/mod such a beautiful camera.

Recently I’ve become a huge fan of Viewfactor, all their parts are made here in the States. You can rely on some of the best workmanship around especially for the  price they offer.

They have three new accessories which I feel are crucial to any Epic rig. Top mounting plate that has custom logo embroidering options along with a bottom shim plate which every Epic camera will need in order to bolt it to any support you choose to use (HybridePlate, Bottom Plate, Tripod Plate, Etc.), and one of my favorites is a 15mm LW Rod support (if you want to keep you rig tight knit and compact, it allows you another option beside 19mm Support and if you come from an HDSLR background, all your parts will be compatible).

Check it out!


One response to “ViewFactor Pimp ur Epic

  1. catura

    I for my XLR adaptors from Fortis Cinema that I use on my Epic. The package i got lets me use full size XLR cables via fortis XLR cable adapters. The adapters can be mounted on the top and bottom plate. They are well priced and the great reviews i had been hearing were right. They work great for me and and prevent anything from disconnecting.

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