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R.I.P 5D MkII 2009-2011

The year was Winter 2009, I had been waiting for ages to acquire a 35mm Digital Video Camera. The Scarlet S35’s release date kept getting pushed back which for some time was considered vapor wear, it’s been re-named Epic-S and will be going into production this September/Fallish (I highly HOPE). I needed a camera to quench my thirst for shooting, what was the next best thing?!?!…..a Canon 5D MkII.

I wasn’t sold on the idea but I had the money ($5k) and needed a camera, during that time in my life I was obsessed with learning how to become a master of exposure. I learned by exposing one frame at a time before I even considered transferring what I knew back into my video roots. After a hard year of taking nothing but pictures and an occasional video clip on the side I began to notice that more and more people(professionals & amateurs) began experimenting with the 5D MkII in the Film Production world.

Once the Video Firmware Updates rolled out the rest is history, my career launched since the 5D MkII became the hot new camera and caused a huge market push toward S35 Digital Motion Cameras. Currently on the market we have two Sony models the F3($13k)_FS100($5k) and on the high high end of course the RED Epic-M($64K) _Arri Alexa($60K) (Sorry but I hate Micro 4/3, maybe one day Panasonic can grow up and adopt industry standard sensor sizes).

After 25 days of shooting a Feature on a Red One MX, I come to find my 5D MkII that was being rented out at the time had been stolen. Ouuch that really hurt! I’ve gone through many cameras in my life and the MkII was by far my favorite. It represented some of my best moments in life as a young adult thriving for knowledge. Since the tears are gone all I can do is be thankful for the wonderful moments we were able to share and capture. The only thing left is our work that united us to become whole.

This Kings of Leon “Back Down South” Music Video was shot by my friend Shane Kelley, he used my 5D MkII, amazing footage.

Another Music Video I shot in Baltimore a few months back for MTV, The Ready Set  “Young Forever”


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