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Epic News

Many years later and this is probably the most official notification I’ve seen from RED in quite some time. I have multiple friends who are  in Stage 2 or 3 and are pretty upset that RED has their money (for about a year now) and still no camera. Granted the tragedy in Japan didn’t help but this is proof that the situation has recovered and ready for full swing. The fact that the Epic-M is ready to ship shows we are gonna see more Epic-M on the street than Alexa. What makes me ponder, why aren’t they charging $90k? For what you’re getting it’s a steal and even more so when the Epic-X is available.

The blows wont happen until this Fall is my guess, there’s a huge list of people from Stage 1-4 so it probably won’t be until the 2012 when we can see the Epic-X_Epic-S_Scarlet 8x in stock and ready to order. It’s unfortunate that we’ve had to wait so long but what other camera in the world will give you 5K @ 120fps or 3K @ 120fps. If you don’t wanna wait then pay up sucka foo.

Along with having the Epic-M in stock they also revamped the pricing and specs. The Aluminum mount is no longer available since it contracts and expands when the temperatures shifts causing your back focus to change, Titanium helps prevent that. The current price has gone up if you purchase an Epic-X in 2012 ($37K) but if you make a purchase before then you get the old price($30K) and save $7K.

To me it’s seems like they’re trying to collect as much money before the make the huge Epic-X production leap. If the quantity is high along with the demand we may very well be in luck!

This link will direct you to RED details.


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