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Blue Follow Focus *UPDATE

During NAB 2011 we saw a handful of new products by RedRock Micro, one of the many items I had my eye on was their new Blue Follow Focus which is an Upgrade from the original microFollowFocus V2. Blue offers hardstops and adjustable markers for use w/DSLR lenses that have no stops, rubber-grip knob, Studio Capabilities so you can pull on the Smart or Dumb side, and an Illuminated 3D Disc for those late night shoots.

It seems like they’re taking orders and they’ll be shipping units sometime next week. I’ve been debating between this Blue FF or Letus $700 FF which we heard has been in development since Feb/2011. More than likely I’ll go the Blue Studio route, I’ve used the microFollowFocus version 2 a whole bunch and all my pet peeves have been taken care of with this new product line. Last I heard you can Upgrade the Standard Model to Studio Mode but I have yet to see the components to do so. Maybe down the line they’ll introduce an Upgrade Kit

The Standard Version goes for $795

The Studio Version goes for $1190


You can find the Letus $700 FF here….Will ship in two weeks!


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