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Thunderbolt Prevails!

There’s been much speculation about Apple’s Thunderbolt port and a cry out for USB 3.0 in Mac’s, everyone is tagging it as the “new FieWire” which in many ways is true. We’ve all learned in the past that USB compatibility overruled FireWire transfer speeds. I don’t understand why these two can’t live in a world happily together. According to rumors this may become a reality once Intel has released Ivy chipsets in Apple and PC products enabling USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt in both platforms. Wether or not it will be the same port it’s hard to tell, a few PC manufactures designed a 3-in-1 port with Thundebolt Tech/USB 3.0/eSATA which was then pulled by Apple since they have the rights until 2012. The cables do have processors at each end putting a good reason behind a $55 price tag which may very well cause PC makers to adapt the port much like the 4-pin FireWire in the 2000’s, if not what kind of cables will they design not to mention adapter/cable compatibility headaches.

Essentially what Apple has done is created a PCIe a port in portable devices which can be daisy chained. This changes the world in Cinema! Now we can encode .R3D files on the fly with a MacBook Air if you wanted, eliminate the need to carry around a MacPro and use an iMac. It’s pretty amazing the ability to lighten your load and the opportunity for micro-budgets and indie films to explore creatively with Red cameras with out sacrificing workflow along with ramping up production speed to cutting edge standards. Magma has this PCIe Enclosure which allows you to take a RedRocket anywhere without the need of a Desktop. This has just been announced and I’m sure it’ll hit the market hopefully by next year. If waiting ain’t your style, you can use Magma’s ExpressBox 1 Pro for $750 which is PCIe Express Card and PCIe compatible.


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