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Just as GOOD!

Is anybody listening……………..oh shit someone is!  WTF it’s the Chinese? Since the day a 5D MkII became “Cinematic” at a video standard, there has been a growing demand for a reasonable Hi-Res camera that does 2K-4K for around the $5K-$12K price range. A Chinese company by the name of Kinefinity gave birth to KineRAW S35 prototype that will run for $8k if he’s able to grow up and play with his big brothers in the market. I hope this is a wake up call to Canon, Sony and Panasonic. The days of making/selling crappy cameras that give you one feature at a time through the course of a decade is over . RED is on the right track and has set an example with modular configurations and swappable sensors which provide a sense of future proofing along with building a stronger relationship with you and your camera. The 2nd world is down at least they get the picture and are working hard at it.

Get the full run down here. Specs include Dual Slot SSD, HD-SDI, HDMI, PL Mount, two forms of RAW 2K 12-bit CinemaDNG or 10-bit Cineform RAW.

Source (dslrnewsshooter)


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