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Ports Galore!

If you own some sort of PC or Mac Pro, you very well know that  you can never have enough ports. Since the recession hit along with the incident in Japan, technological advancements in the computer industry have been dampened. What does all this mean? Well all the roadmaps have been pushed 3-6 months, some even a year. So at the moment we’ve been stuck with the traditional USB 2.0_eSATA 3.0Gbs_FW800 configurations. There are new ports available that have yet to be established in the PC and Mac market which are ThunderBolt_USB 3.0_eSATA 6.0Gbs. If you wanna cut in line this CalDigit will help you do so. It provides two of the sweet new ports that can be installed in any PC or Mac as long as you have a free PCIe slot which can allow you to double or even triple your transfer/download speeds. Granted you cannot get a ThunderBolt card for your computer, it requires a specific motherboard & chip but this literally is the next best thing. You can grab the 6GU3 here for $150.

SOURCE (caldigit)


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