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Nov. 3rd Speculation*

November the 3rd November the 3rd. The day we’ve all been waiting for, the day the movie industry changes as we begin to narrow the standards for Digital Cinema.

Since September 15 there’s been much anticipation to hear Canons “Historic Global Announcement” to be held in Hollywood, 5 days later Jannard decides to follow up with “November 3rd is the day that RED announces all the changes to Scarlet and shipping info.” Obviously the game is on, what can we expect? So much has happened since 2009 & 2010.

The pictures above represent a highlight of the past, all we really know is Canon has been testing 4K video for about 2 years now along with developing a new line of video cameras. RED on the other hand has been working on completing the EPIC and shaping the Scarlet line designed to appeal for the indie scene since 2009. Canon holds all their R&D close to their heart while RED lays hallow easter eggs building anticipation.

The Camera industry has taken a turn since film cameras are no longer being manufactured, this is when digital steps in to build the future of motion imaging…Very exciting if you ask me and a good time to be alive 😉

At the end of any day no matter what time period, digital technology is alway restricted due to bottlenecks in hardware/software and now the gates are opened to establish even bigger bottleneck hehe. SSD’s have become more common and affordable, our micro chips have become more powerful and more energy efficient due to the smart phone boom, USB 3.0 and ThunderBolt open new data transfer speeds, it’s really quite amazing seeing it all come together.

These are speculations that I try to keep on a leash, not being an employee from any of these companies your guess maybe good as mine but more or less this is what to expect.


Scarlet Fixed 8x $3500-$5k SideGrip, SSD Module,  4REDvolt, Charger

Scarlet Fixed Kit 8x $6-7K LCD, SideGrip, RedMote, SSD Module, 4REDvolt, Charger

Scarlet S35 $7K  5K 30fps/4K 48fps, SideGrip, SSD Module (IF LUCKY!)

Scarlet S35 Kit $12-14k LCD, SideGrip, RedMote, SSD Module, 4REDvolt, Charger  (IF LUCKY!)

Ordering will start late in the evening around 6pm at RED.COM or you could go to Red Studios in Hollywood and pick up your gear. All the updates and specs will be made at


S35HD$5000 EOS 1080P 4.2.2CF_4.4.4HDMI

S35HD$7000 EOS 1080P 4.2.2CF_4.4.4HDMI/SDI/GenLock

S35$10000 PL 1080P 4.4.4SSD_4KSDI

S35 $20000 PL 4K SSD

-Possible Canon Cine Raw Compression in the near future

-3 EOS Lenses (Possible zooms w/aperture control and 0.8 gears)

-2 PL Cine Lens

MkIII$3500 1080P 4.2.2 CF_4.4.4 HDMI (2012 Announcement & Release)

From what rumors say Canon is making the announcement and will begin Shipping sometime in December-January. I’m sure Engadget will cover the event since they were the first ones to get the invite.

The Boil Down…

Be ready if you’ve been waiting to buy a new camera, you’ll probably need a good $10,000-$13,000 to get the best of the new technologies. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and building up it’s just gonna limit your capabilities until you have a full  kit. You can earn the little tools to make your shoots easier and faster starting with the basics and working up.

What you’ll need…

-New Computer: One that’s at least a ’09-’11 Model.

-Media: Hard Drives, Recording Media SSD or CF cards, Readers for transferring files.

-Support: Tripod , shoulder rigs, handles, cages, monitors.

-Insurance: If your smart and have the dough


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