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Epic Top_Plates

Top Plates begin to enter the market as EPIC-X’s make their way home to all the Stage 2 owners. Now that it’s time lets take a look at our growing options…

ViewFactor $465

I’ve worked with the earlier M model but not this X version. I’d recommend this to someone who wants to use the complete FMJ system to get the best of ViewFactors add on accessories much like the Shuttle. Another cool option is Laser Etching on the Top Plate which is baller to me! Keep a look out for their new V-Lock Power unit, mine should be in the mail in a couple days, review soon to come.

RED $300

I really wish I could see the Tactical Plate in action since it’s been on Backorder for some time now. This to me seems like the best choice out of a price and design standpoint. Simplicity giving you thousands of options to configure your rig due to the various holes on each surface it’s crazy. If  you are in no rush and know what you want this guy is great.

Wooden Camera $299

Don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg for a top plate but also need it within a work week or less, then Wooden Camera has your back. I’ve done business with them and they do ship fast! Be sure to check out the many useful accessories at a very reasonable price…

Innocinema $985

I have a couple friends who are lusting over this bad boy. Seems useful if you want a compact studio/action cam that is very versatile and designed to be production savvy. Offers HD-SDI,Genlock, Timecode, SS.GPI, 2x 2pin LEMO (12V), 1x 4pin LEMO, D-Tap-to-LEMO cable.  The only beef I find is the cables getting in the way and you loose the ability to mount SWAT Rails on the edge.


2 responses to “Epic Top_Plates

  1. Tim

    DId you get a top plate ? If so which one did you get. Is there much difference between the Wooden Camera and Red Top plates ?

    • i haven’t gotten one just yet. can’t decide between the Red v ViewFactor. I’m saving pennies for a ViewFactor, Brook is a really cool guy the few times I’ve interacted with him. Any time I can support his business I buy his gear, plus I can’t turn down the custom labeling 😉

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