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Letus Master Cinema Series

Letus Teams up with Legendary DSLR DP Shane Hurlbut to make the Ultimate Digital Cinema Rig which comes in four configurations.

Action Cam $1450

This is a great option if you’re looking for the basic powered cage features. Not really a whole lot in this package other than what you see, I owned a configuration similar to this one from ViewFactor w/Red Top Handle. The Cage is a great way to power a 5D/7D, Wireless Follow Focus, and monitors/converters. It can serve as protection not to mention multiple mounting points.

Man Cam $2,550

Shane is crazy about this rig since it’s really his invention. Personally I hate shooting in this configuration, I’ve worked with a few guys who assisted Shane on a couple shows and they seem to like it a whole bunch. I guess it depends on personal preference, I’m more of a Top Handle type of dude. If you don’t know which side you’re on, stop by a rental house and try it out on a few gigs.

Shoulder Rig $3,270

This is the ONE! Has everything you would need to get the job done. I really like this set up and you can strip it into action mode within seconds, both top and bottom have a quick release system. You can go from multiple rigs no problem while saving time. I was able to price a kit for around $2350 so don’t let the complete price scare you. There are many add on parts that can be modified.

Studio Cam $4,100

Everything here is designed to be used like a traditional Studio rig. The EVF mount is the coolest part, must be great for dolly configurations, I’d like to dork off with it. If you just happen to have money laying around or get into some intensive productions this kit can supply the need for any scenario that you’re thrown into. The price is very reasonable considering this rig can be used 5 years from now on whatever camera you’ll own then.

Luckily it seems like they’re giving you an option to get a Cage for a Sony FS100, Canon 1D X, C300, Epic, Scarlet. Really curious as to what those looks like and why they are Non-Powered 😦  From what I can tell it seems like they’ve been working on this series of rigs for sometime now. This is a great step for Letus, I really like what they’ve done compared to RedRock and Zacuto. I just hope I can order all these parts individually cause I don’t need a full kit at the moment. If not I’ll have to save my pennies for the Shoulder Rig, that thing is a beauty.


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