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Wooden Camera Quick Back

Just received an emial that Wooden Cameras is now shipping their Quick Back System which is compatible with Epic/Scarlet. Its a very cost effective way to power your camera or protect/add mounting options. Get all the details below with the video and chart.


Depending on the options you go with, you’ll pay around $600-$700 +Shipping


5 responses to “Wooden Camera Quick Back

  1. Tim

    Thank you for posting this. I have other Wooden camera stuff that I really Like (easy riser , LW rods bracket and A-box) This looks great too. From what I have seen their gear is good quality that is well designed and built.

    • I’ve made a few orders from Wooden Camera and Ryan’s work is pretty amazing. His pricing is fair and almost every month he has a new item out in stock ready to ship. Very fast with transactions and all his gear is made here in Texas.

  2. Lliam Worthington ⋅

    Terrific Thanks. Just purcahsed.


  3. Now I’m torn between the Wooden v-mount system and Brook Willard’s plate. Think I may have to go with the Texas made system…

  4. Oh, and Wooden also just released a cheese top handle that looks pretty sweet too…

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