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Mac Pro Thunderbolt 2.0 Bus


Little by little the New MacPro’s are hitting the streets giving us a hands on report of how these machines work.

“so everyone knows, you have 3x thunderbolt busses, and this is how they’re split up. NOTE- the HDMI port shares bus 0! Keep TB2 and TB1 separate for 20Gb/Sec operation”

Part of the appeal is it’s Thunderbolt 2.0 & USB 3.0 Interface. StrawberryDIT posted the Mac Pro Bus Map on his Instagram account.

StrawberryDIT StrawberryDIT2

Depending on the devices you use will determine your port path to maximize the speed of each Thunderbolt attachment. If push comes to shove the HDMI can be freed up with the use of an 15” ASUS Portable Monitor, it uses USB 3.0 for Power and Display….as seen  in the video bellow.




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