GoPro 4 ViewFactor Mod Pre-Orders

During the last release of the GoPro our friends over at ViewFactor did an interesting modification for the GoPro Hero 3 called the Novo. Unfortunately when the original Novo was announced it was only available for rent through Radiant Images Camera House here in California. We’ll today all that changes since View Factor has been hard at work with a new Novo Model that is a Modification Kit for your Hero 4 which gives you the benefits of the Original Novo but available for purchase. Pre-Orders are available on View Factors page with an estimated availability date of December 1st 2014.


The Novo was a great way to allow the use of threaded C-Mount Lenses on a GoPro camera. This opened up the freedom to use different focal lengths while keeping the same max resolution.

One of the main set backs and complains with the Hero 4 is the lack of a Medium and Narrow option at 4K resolution. With the View Factor Novo H4 Mod you can shoot 4K resolution with various focal lengths as opposed to only Wide and SuperView with the stock fixed lens. If you decide to use Medium or Narrow you have to bump down to 2.7K or even 1080p which some users aren’t very happy with.

There are two versions of the modification with a $100 price difference. The Mod alone will run you $199 and $299 with the Mod plus Cage.


The only downside to this Mod is it does void the warranty of your camera so mod at your own risk. There will be straight forward instructions and video tutorials to execute the mod which will be a tremendous help.

Pictures above are still Prototype renders so we may see subtle differences once these bad boys are finalized and shipping.

Stay tuned for more info and Novo H4 Pointers.


SOURCE – ViewFactor Store – Instagram